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Dancer Registration

Questions about registration? Send Miss Karen a message or email her at!

  • Due to limited space the $65 registration fee will guarantee you a spot in the studio for your desired classes.

  • There is a $65 registration fee for each class you dancer is taking.

  • Registration fees are due before attending your class or classes at the studio.

  • The registration fee also includes your spring recital costume (except hip hop classes).

  • No refunds will be available. 

  • To find our yearly tuition cost head on over to our tuition tab (

Dancer Registration Form

By submitting this form: I state that I have read all of this policy statements in its entirety and determined that I completely understand, agree with and completely support all policies, rules and regulations of Karen Gronsky School of Dance and state that I am solely responsible for all payments due. I also agree to all indemnify Karen, David, its owners, employees, agents and representatives free from any and all claims damage or liability arising out of or resulting from the use of and occupancy of the premises and any event sponsored by Karen Gronsky School of Dance its owners, agents, employees and representatives. We give permission to Karen Gronsky School of Dance to use any video, film, photographs and any recording device and likeness for any and all purposes. We do not sell or share your information to any third party companies. There are no refunds.

Thanks for submitting!

Karen Gronsky School Of Dance

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