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I would like to thank you for a wonderful recital! As you may all know our KGSD building has burned down, but KGSD isn’t a building. KGSD is all of you and me together. KGSD is in our hearts. We will be back together soon!
I am so humbled and thankful for all of the love, encouragement, and support each and every one of you have given me. You have all given all of us at KGSD life and hope with your prayers, flowers, gifts and love. ❤️ I have no words to describe how grateful I am. Myself, Mr. Reggie, and Miss Marissa are all so thankful for YOU! We know KGSD, and we KNOW KGSD is coming back stronger thanks to all of you! Your love and support is OVERWHELMING. We thank you from our hearts ♥️ 

We have some great news.... KGSD also will have another NEW TEMPORARY HOME coming in September!

Our new temporary KGSD home is in the Gold Star Professional Building on School House Road in Danville!! The studio space is PERFECT and Huge! Moms and dads, I know you also will be thrilled ... because we have our own large parking lot!

All KGSD classes, camps, fundraisers, events and performances will remain the same but just at our new spot! 


  • Miss Karen’s Private lessons will be going all through the entire summer

  • Mr.Reggies privates will also be as planned at our new building!

  • All fundraisers and online KGSD clothing orders will be ready for pick up at our NEW TEMPORARY HOME.


More Important Updates: 

- Filming of our Christmas Movie is the weekend of November 20th!

-Saturday December 4th: We are heading to Radio City Music Hall to dance with the Rockettes and see the Radio City Rockette Christmas Spectacular! 

- December 10th KGSD Christmas Party with a special surprise!

- December 11th KGSD is heading to the Point Drive In to watch our KGSD Christmas Movie on the Big Screen!

- Last week of classes for 2021 is December 13th-17th (Christmas Parties this Week!)

- KGSD will start classes the week of January 10th!!


KGSD,  you are in hearts  
We will be dancing together again soon! #grateful #humbled #iloveyou #KGSDstrong #riseupandshine
Thank you from my heart! 

Just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes,
she too will rise.
Returning from the flames,
clothed and nothing but her strength,
more beautiful than ever more.


I love you all :)


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