Over $105,000 donated to Local Charities over the past 10 years!

Karen Grosnky Community Involvement, and Volunteering

KGSD believes in community involvement, from visiting local schools, participating in charity events, we do it all with great support from the dance families. Thank you all for your generosity, let's continue to make the world a better place! 

After a terrible car accident involving a KGSD member, our dancing school rallied together to donate over $14,000 to the family for medical expenses. The love and generosity from our dancers is inspiring to know that once you are part of KGSD, you're part of our family. 

Dance Marathon


Within the past decade KGSD has been raising money for various local charities through Dance Marathons. Students, Friends and Families dance the night away with a dance party to start things off followed by hourly dance workshops. Participants can drop in for a workshop, or spend the night dancing 12 hours straight! 



KGSD has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in #delAWARENESS, a night raising money and awareness for Autism, with Beat Addicts. KGSD has donated over $9,000 in the past two years and looks forward to returning soon!

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