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Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is a one hour class that emphasizes the development of classical ballet skills with a focus on proper placement, alignment and coordination of leg and footwork. Students will learn ballet vocabulary, focusing on Royal Academy of Dance technique. Through barre, center work, turns and leaps ballerinas explode with enthusiasm while building strength and flexibility. Mastery of the art, discipline, grace and beauty evolve during classical ballet. Karen’s ballet is uplifting and filled with enthusiasm.

Pointe  Pointe class concentrates on the transference of ballet steps from demi-pointe to pointe and is for dancers who have achieved the necessary classical technique and strength. Pointe is the next level.

Hip Hop with Mr Reggie Oliver

JMr Reggie  Oliver is a working industry professional dancer and we  are blessed  to have him teach at KGSD! Mr Reggie teaches the true hip hop culture  in a one hour high energy class, a class like no other! , R& B, the latest new pop music together and presented in an age-appropriate manner in an outrageously fun atmosphere!


Lyrical dance is a modern dance form, which fuses modern dance, jazz and ballet. Lyrical dance is often referred to as contemporary dance. It requires ballet technique to perform, as the moves are often lyrical and precise. Moreover, the dancer must be well aware of facial expressions, essentially acting, to properly perform a lyrical dance piece. Lyrical dance is an evolving form. The goal of the lyrical dancer is to convey the emotion of a song’s lyrics through dance. Lyrical dance emphasizes emotional expression of the body necessary to tell a story that evolves along the lines of the song. It is a beautiful performing art form with much freedom of expression. I am encouraging all of my ballet and jazz dancers from age 12 and up, to try this beautiful, inspiring class.



Tap is a 45 min or an hour class depending on the level, where students to learn fundamental tap technique, enhance rhythm and motor skills in an absolutely dynamic atmosphere! Karen’s tap class emphasizes and highlights the importance of rhythm and sound, incorporating exciting music, exciting kick lines, with an extreme amount of fun!


Pre Ballet is a 45min class that introduces ballet technique in a fun happy and nurturing environment. Pre Ballet class introduces basic ballet positions, following directions, French terminology with happy, uplifting, classical and modern music.

In all of Karen’s classes: positive thinking and the maintenance of a healthy positive self-image are always emphasized. Through movement, music, princess props, children will be introduced to the magical and beautiful world of ballet

Private Lessons

Advantages of a Private Dance Lesson

A private lesson allows us to work one-on-one with you to achieve your goals at your own pace and with the privacy that some prefer.

Private lessons can be scheduled more flexibly rather than having to fit into a group class schedule.

Top 10 Reasons to Take Private Lessons

  1.  They enable you to effectively learn the most advanced technique.

  2. The fastest way to improve your dancing is through private lessons.

  3. You may ask to focus on details you want to work on in your private lesson.

  4. Private lessons progress at your own pace.

  5. Privates are booked to meet your scheduling needs.

  6. Privates allow you 100% individualized attention from your teacher.

  7. Your teacher can customize your choreography to maximize your strengths.

  8. Private lessons provide a discreet environment where you can ask questions you may not want to ask in front of a large group

  9. Privates enable you to feel the highest quality technique, instead of just listening and watching.

  10. Private lessons are your most effective tool to taking your dancing to a performance/competition level of proficiency.

Private lessons can be scheduled through our Artistic Director/Owner Karen Gronsky. Please call or email her at 570.204.2402

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